Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Basic Math - Update

At 9a.m. the Boss had a meeting with us about what hours we need to work to get the order completed on time. The schedule decided on was as follows:

Monday 10th - 10 hours
Tuesday 11th - 10 hours
Wednesday 12th - 10 hours
Thursday 13th - 10 hours
Friday 14th - 12 hours

Saturday 15th - 8 hours
Sunday 16th - OFF
Monday 17th - 12 hours
Tuesday 18th - 12 hours
Wednesday 19th - 12 hours
Thursday 20th - 12 hours

At 11 a.m. the meltblown blew something loose and ripped a hole out the back of the machine. No clue how long it will be to get it fixed. The previous schedule is now on hold. (sighssssssssssssssssss)


Bob G. said...

Back to SQUARE ONE, hmm?

If your boss was worth anything, he/she would have a PLAN B in place (especially if you're going to push ANY machinery to ANY degree AND length of time).

Otherwise, everyone stands around with their hands in their pockets (not bad if you're getting PAID for it...and have a deck of cards handy).

Take it easy out there.

Stay safe.

John D said...

Ouch! Nothing like having a schedule like that hanging over your head, rather than just getting it over with as quickly as possible.