Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold? Nahhhhhhh

We are currently under yet another wind chill warning, for the next couple of days. They are calling for down to -50 wind chill for tomorrow. I of course blame Canada. We have the following "advice" from our trustee officials - In Wisconsin, the state department of transportation is urging people to avoid driving if possible. If they must drive, they should carry a fully charged cell phone, have at least half a tank of gasoline and tell somebody where they're going.

I would love to be able to follow the first line of advice, but I am pretty sure my boss wouldn't be all that understanding. School has been closed so often this winter already, I am curious how they plan to make those days up, especially if we get any actual snow days on top of this. It is only the end of January after all.

As a side note, we are once again colder than many areas of Alaska.


Bob G. said...

I can't blame CANADA...they always send us GOOD hockey players...LOL.

I DO blame AL GORE and his "chicken-little mentality".
Our schools are already 2 days PAST the official summer cut-off date...(and counting).

I just wish those people playing with that "HAARP array" in Alaska (now googling THAT phrase will produce some interesting finds) would knock it OFF!

I'd say that any prolonged exposure could be not so good for one's health.
Been outside to shovel...not bad if you work FAST.

You take it easy and stay safe (and warm) up there.

Easily Lost said...

Trying to stay warm is about all I am doing lately. I hate Mother Nature right now.