Saturday, February 21, 2009

David Cook - concert

Went to the David Cook concert last night, at the Weidner Center, in Green Bay. It was absolutely fantastic.
Who is David Cook you ask? He was the 2007 winner of American Idol.
Now, I can hear some of you groaning already. American Idol yick. Well, let me tell you...... I have heard a couple great singers come out of Idol, and not necessarily as the winner.

Chris Daughtry was the first one. He wasn't the winner, but from that season, he was in my opinion, the best. I particularly like this youtube video because it includes the lyrics, for those of you who may not know the song.
Here is Daughtry singing - It's not over

David Cook was the other one, and he was the winner. Which, again in my opinion, he earned. Excellent singer. And fantastic in concert.
Here is David Cook singing - Light On

If you ever get a chance to go see either one, I would highly recommend going.

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