Thursday, February 19, 2009

Early Release likely for state inmates

Our esteemed Governor wants to release nonviolent prison inmates early, to help save the state some money.

Governor Jim Doyle wants nonviolent offenders to be able to get out of jail sooner by earning days off their sentences with good behavior.
What the heck happen to Truth in Sentencing? The law they passed years ago, forcing inmates to serve their whole sentence.

"You go and behave yourself in prison and you do what you are supposed to do, there is actually some incentive for you to do well," Doyle said.
Yep, you couldn't behave well enough to stay the heck out of prison.

"I think the feeling is that if somebody lands in prison or jail, they probably belong there," Brown County District Attorney, John Zakowski, said.
The voice of reason.

The rest of the article can be choked on here.


RD said...

That is so awesome.
I am waiting for that to happen in my state as well.

Easily Lost said...

You know darn well, if they release them early, they'll just be back in a few months later.
Strange way to go about keeping our police departments and court systems busy.