Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Backkkkkkk

Sorry for my absence. My computer was stricken with the swine flu.

One bad enough even I couldn't make it better. So into the vet it went. And even then, the technicians working on it, were stumped for days. In fact, when I called to inquire how it was going, I was told my computer was being "stubborn". Um, just how is a machine suppose to be stubborn? Anyhow, I picked it up Saturday morning, after I was assured it was now virus free. I was told it would need to be formatted as some things were broke during the fix. Such as my windows updates :| Go figure, you bring something in to be fixed and it comes back in worse shape. Hopefully things will return to normal, and I can catch up on reading everyone's blogs.


Trolling_Around said...

Once its werking -get Microsoft Virtual PC, and install MS windows XP onto a virtual machine on it - itll emulate a P4 witha s4 graphics card - plenty for view web pages/being in chat etc.

Any viruses will be contained with the VIRTUAL MACHINE.

Leave ya windows open - some of us require the gap... for access.

TA ;-)

Easily Lost said...

lmao thank you for the advice Furball, and the window is always open ;)

Bob G. said...

Sometimes, I think these computers have more BUGS than a damn BAITSHOP!
ANd that's lowballing that estimate.