Saturday, October 17, 2009


Have you ever just wondered WHY?


Bob G. said...

Not really...why?


(seriously, I have...whatta question for the AGES, eh?)


Diane said...

why what? why is the sky blue? why is water wet? Why do idiots exist?

Bob G. said...

The sky is BLUE because it's not GREEN.
(Mom told me that, and I believed it)

Idiots exist to make people like US look a HELLUVA LOT better...and smarter.
(I can work with that, too)

Have a great weekend...
(why you ask..because you deserve it)


Galaxy Echo said...

everyone thought it was my imagination... or that i was crazy when i said when one good thing happens in my life, something bad always follows!!! all i gotta say is told ya so!

Easily Lost said...

I believe my daughter summed it up the best with "$hit rolls downhill, and our house seems to be in a valley"