Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Always wear seatbelts!!!

The following are pictures, of what is left of my daughter's car, after she rolled it this morning. The car landed on it's roof.

Believe it or not, she walked away from it with a big knot on her head, a couple of stitches, and a whole lot of minor cuts and bruises.

But she walked away ALIVE!!!


Diane said...

Dang! Glad she is OK. I saw the picture, and thought she had hit another deer...but not this time.

John D. said...

Glad to hear she is OK. That was quite a wreck. The importance of wearing seatbelts can't be overstressed.

Bob G. said...

My God!!!
Glad to hear she's doing OK...the car's a write off, though.

But you can ALWAYS get another CAR, right?

Her Guardian Angel put in some O/T this week.

Easily Lost said...

Diane: I wish it had been.

JD: I have been stressing that point since my kids were little. The car wouldn't start until they were buckled up.

Bob: With all the accidents she has had, I think her Guardian Angel deserves a hugeeeeeeeee bonus!!