Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Only in Oconto County

This seems to be catch phrase around here. If you want to get away with murder, do it in Oconto County. The travesty I am referring to this time, can be found here.

Now, I understand that police can only go on what the evidence and witnesses tell them. I understand also, that when it comes to youngsters, their first inclination is to CTOA. (cover their own a$$es, and many at the party were drinking and underage) And this is going to be a tragedy for the family.

According to a person that was at the party, the shooter had actually threatened the victim, several times, throughout the night. The victim was shot at close range, in the head.
(I refuse to call it point blank, until evidence says so) Don't try to snow the community, and call this accidental. You don't "accidentally" shoot someone in the head, while standing right next to them. The weapon must first be loaded, raised up and aimed, and the trigger pulled.

Officers originally said it was under investigation as a homicide, but it is now being considered "accidental". Get your heads out of the sand, man up and do your job RIGHT!!!!!! Push the party goers a little harder, get the truth out of them. Without that, someone walks free, and a family will get NO justice.
(rant over)

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Bob G. said...

And I usually say:
"ONLY in Fort Wayne"...must be catching on.

Guess the phrase "Treat ALL guns as if they were loaded" didn't figure into the party plans, hmm?

Some "arm-twisting" by the local LEOs will shed more light on this...IF they choose to pursue it.