Tuesday, February 1, 2011

not worthy

Dear ignorant Dallas fan,

Please accept this beautiful Green Bay weather as a token of appreciation for saying the Packers were not worthy to play in your stadium. May the ice and cold continue through at least Monday :D

A Wisconsin resident


USA_Admiral said...

Now that is good!

Easily Lost said...

Truly wicked I know, and I am not a Packers fan, but that comment really toasted me. The Super Bowl brings in millions in revenue for their state, and they don't feel a team is "worthy"? Blah!!!!!

Bob G. said...

It's not about "the game" any longer...it's all about MONEY (and the "status" that apparently comes along for the ride with it).

All I know is that my late father must STILL be "betting with me" (from heaven) on the Super Bowl. His Packers beat me AGAIN...LOL.

Then again, Dad's got Lombardi up there with him...talk about a "sure thing", eh?

Good post.