Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm still waiting..........

Waiting for this economy to pick up. Waiting for all those billions of dollars our govt spent to do Something, Anything, to help the economy.

General Motors is closing jobs left and right, and they received how much money??

The banks also got a good chunk of our change and what have they done with it? Some gave it to their CEO's, or used it as bonuses or God knows what else, because loans sure haven't increased anywhere that I can see. Forget about mortgage help, they can't keep up with all the requests, and people are still losing their homes. Homes they should NEVER have been allowed to buy in the first place. They knew it, the loan companies knew it.

Now they are talking about this health care plan that will cost more than I want to think about. And for what? So those without coverage can abuse it as fast as those on govt sponsored health care already do??

When will it stop?

When will accountability come into play. How much more money, that we as a country, do NOT have, has to be spent, before people rise up and say NO MORE! Do the citizens no longer care that we, as a nation, are BROKE? Actually, we are past broke.


Bob G. said...


I hear 'ya loud and clear...and there's a LOT more people WITH you than against you.

As to "WHEN"?

Well, It ain't nowhere near snowing in Hades...YET, but I hear they might be in for some COOLER weather soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Damn democraps strike again. Common sense was left out in the cold.


USA_Admiral said...

I am afraid we may be in this condition for a long time.

One Time said...

Accountability? Accepting responsibility? This is not the American way...

John D said...

"When will it stop?"

I'm thinking it'll take a full economic collapse. I hope I'm wrong, but I think it's a good idea to stock up on essentials (food, water, ammo etc.), just in case.