Thursday, June 18, 2009

pet peeves - parking lots

I ran to the store on my home from work tonight. Small town grocery store, in a small town setting. And in the parking lot I saw not one, but three of my pet peeves. Number one is leaving small children alone in the car, with "big brother/big sister" watching them. I saw three kids alone in this minivan. The oldest sibling being around nine, the youngest looked to be about 3. Don't you people realize how quickly your children can get hurt, or worse, disappear??? Small town or not! The next pet peeve of mine is parking in the handicap parking with NO special plate or placard hanging from the rear view mirror. This same minivan was in said spot. My third one is leaving pets of any kind in a vehicle while shopping. It was high 70's today (I know, real heatwave), they had each of the front windows cracked about an inch. This little Schnauzer looking dog did not seem real happy. In a car with little or no ventilation, in high 70's temperatures, the interior of a vehicle can become unbelievably HOT.
Do me a big favor people, get a sitter for the kids, if you don't want to bring them in. Leave the dog at home. And stay the heck out of the handicap spots, unless you truly need them.


USA_Admiral said...

I hate to think it, but people seem to be getting more stupid everyday.

I hate to see people leave pets in their cars when they go in a store.

Bob G. said...

I can't find a single fault with ANY of those three peeves...and they're already on MY list, as well.

I agree that people ARE getting more stupid with each passing year....blame that on all this "tolerance" for bad behavior.

But there IS a "silver lining" to that stupidity...
It makes folks like US look one HELLUVA LOT SMARTER, eh?