Saturday, August 8, 2009

Number of Wis. residents on food aid up 33 percent

The state Department of Health Services says more than 560,000 people are enrolled in Wisconsin's FoodShare program, one in 10 Wisconsin residents.
(Ok those kinds of numbers are enough to wake any one up. I work hard to pay my bills and feed a family of 4, without playing footsies with the govt.)

Timberlake says the average participant is getting roughly 14 percent more in benefits this year thanks to the federal stimulus package.
(This part though, blows my mind! Why the heck would the stimulus package have anything what so ever to do with food stamps??? How is this creating more jobs. Which is what I thought was the whole reason behind the stimulus plan.)

Story here. But I pretty much nabbed the stuff that baked my cookies.

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Bob G. said...

Smoke and mirrors, dear...
More welfare for the OUR expense.
And the last time I checked, those on WELFARE did NOT work, as "we" define the word.
Maybe it's time to CHANGE that part, hmm?

Welcome to "the future".

A future that WE can turn around...if we want to.

Good story and post.