Monday, August 17, 2009

small miracles

My jeep is back from the vet today. It turns out the alternator was fine, but the battery is toast. So instead of several hundred dollars in repairs, all it cost was $75 for the new battery. Considering the jeep is almost 8 years old and this was the first mechanical scare we have had with it, I'll consider myself lucky.


USA_Admiral said...

That is always a blessing.

Bob G. said...

I changed out the battry in my car earlier this tired of using the charger on it...AND it was 5 years old (average life for a car battery is usually FOUR years...TOPS!)

Wifey's car had the alternator replaced...the CHK ENG light came on, and I figured the age and mileage dictated the brushes were worn out.

Don'cha miss the days when WE knew what war wriong by the way the vehicle sounded or ran, instead of some computer flashing lights at us?
I sure do.
Used to swap out an alternator MYSELF in less than an hour...for way under $100!

Glad you got off cheap with that.


Raindog said...


Alistair said...

several hundred for a 10 min job sheesh, i'm glad it was just the battery hon