Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Half way through my vacation. I have accomplished very little, other than sleeping late and cleaning. We have gotten more rain, that was desperately needed, so hopefully the garden will perk back up.

Wisconsin, Green Bay to be more specific, had a few things to tell our politicians about how they felt on the new health care bill. And they did it quite loudly. In fact, they shouted right over the top of Steve Kagen when he was trying to talk ;) We aren't a shy bunch up here, let me tell you. It got a wee little bit rowdy and they called the police in to restore and maintain order. (Don't they realize it's good for you to let off steam?)
Full article can be found here.

He next went to Appleton, to push the bill. Unfortunately, they were a bit more restrained then we were .

I hope everyone's week is going well! Have a good one.


Old NFO said...

Not a thing in the world wrong with sleeping late :-)

USA_Admiral said...

Down with the Obama!!!!

Enjoy your vacation. It ends much too quick.