Saturday, November 14, 2009

fire safety

Last Tuesday we had our annual fire talk. What to do in case of a fire at the plant. It went kind of like this.....
instructor: What is the first thing you do in case of fire?
me: panic!
instructor: Ok then, what is the second thing you do in case of fire?
me: grab your purse and run.
Yes, both of my responses garnered some laughs. We are all a bunch of comedians there. But think about it, we work in a paper converting plant, if there was a fire what would you do?
My keys are in my purse and if there is a fire, there's a good chance we are going to be done for the day. I need my keys to drive home :P (not to mention my purse is always within five feet of me where ever I am at work.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon.......
I'm in my own little world, feeding scrap into the grinder when squeallll, screech, choke. OHHHHH $HIT! Jammed it up, but good. Reach over slap the power switch to off. Two seconds later sirens and flashing lights. Dayem, I set off the friggin alarms on the machine. First time that has happened since I started. My team leader comes over, looks at the flashing lights, looks at me and says "so, should we open it up and see if there are flames?" No flames, thank goodness, but a whole lot of acrid black smoke. Melted the belt :)) The maintenance guy just shook his head when he got there to fix it.


Bob G. said...

The maintenance guy SHOULD have thanked you for providing some "job security" for him...otherwise he'd be on the outside looking in.

Never hurts to "test" the system from time to time anyway...!
Gotta make sure all those bells & whistles WORK for the money sepent on that machinery, right?


Easily Lost said...

That's exactly what I keep telling them too :D