Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four way stop........ optional?

On my way home from work today, I came up to a 4-way stop. I checked to the left, right, then left again. No one was coming from the right, 5 vehicles were approaching from the left. I took my foot off the brake, started into the intersection and promptly slammed my foot back on the brake. The lead car, coming from the left, a silver suv, decided that the bright red STOP sign must have been an option, because they blew right through it. Missing my vehicle by a couple of feet and never once tapping their brakes. (Asshat) Had it not been for quick reflexes, good brakes, and dry pavement, I would have been part of a jeep parfait tonight.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate my drive home? Oh, I have? Well guess what....... IT HASN'T CHANGED!!


John D. said...

What, you expected him to obey traffic signs and watch out for other cars? But he was in a hurry. That automatically gave him the right of way. It's a good thing you didn't hit him. He might have dropped his cell phone. It was probably an expensive one too.

Bob G. said...

OMG...not the dreaded:
"You go, after, after, really, I insist. Okay, lets all go TOGETHER" 4-way stop sign?

Only thing worse than NO manners at one of these is TOO MUCH manners...(and rampant stupidity)...
All of which will play hell with your insurance (but your local body shop will love you for it).

I used to change up my drives to & from work...I hate to see the SAME OLD IDIOTS doing the SAME OLD things...
I much prefer new, fresh idiots...they haven't seen me give them HALF a "peace sign" yet...ROFL.

Glad you're OK.

Diane said...

Glad you're ok. there's a 4 way stop by here in the middle of nowhere (with a BYOB) cowboy bar set up in the side, been lots of accidents there. Try taking another route! or make your own