Sunday, January 18, 2009

California to withhold state tax refunds

"We can't pay you yet." That is what California is telling businesses and their residents.

(CNN) -- The check isn't in the mail, and it's not going to be for at least 30 days, California will start telling some of its creditors in February.
Among those who will be left waiting for checks are thousands of businesses that provide services and products to the state; more than 1 million aged and disabled Californians who need to pay for rent, utilities or food; and individuals and businesses awaiting tax refunds to the tune of $1.91 billion.

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Um, just what exactly would happen if residents and businesses starting saying, "Sorry, I can't pay my taxes right now" ? Or if they decided to stop providing services to the state, for which they are Not getting paid, like most places do if you don't make your payments on time. How many more states will try that on their people? How many businesses will have to lay off workers , because they have no income coming in, with which to pay them? How soon before this country slips into total and utter economic destruction, because no one feels the need to pay who they owe?
Why is it, the state government has the right to say "nope not this month, and probably not next month either", just because they can't curb their spending? Why do innocent residents have to always pay the price ?
Can someone answer any of those questions for me??? Preferably in plain English, without all the governmental BS. I kind of doubt it.


Diane said...

Because they can't resist "spending other people's money".. it doesn't hurt THEM in the wallet to spend. And spend they do. On every little whim that passes their flight of fancy that goes through their pea brain.

RD said...

I doubt the State of California would appreciate if businesses withheld their tax payments to the state because they could not afford to pay them right now.....