Friday, January 16, 2009

Man Complains About Buddhas At KC Zoo

Here we go again.

The Kansas City Zoo has received a complaint about Buddha statues in an Asian-themed area.

Overland Park Man Calls Statues 'Infuriating To God'

Full article can be found here

I really wish people would just get over it. Although, I am kind of surprised that this time it's a proclaimed "Christian". I was under the impression Christians were taught tolerance. Maybe they are just tired of having everything they believe in slammed to the ground.
In God We Trust
being removed from money. Under God being removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. Nativity scenes being removed from public places. Yeah, I can understand being cranky.

BUT........... How is it going to help your case to start acting like the rest of them.

Being Pagan, I don't get all upset over these little religious skirmishes regarding the removal of statues, phrases, scenes, what have you. I believe in: Live and let live. I also don't believe in forcing someone to follow my beliefs.

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