Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Monday they started training me on a new machine at work. I didn't realize just how very brave (or stupid) my bosses are.

Since starting there 2 years ago, I have earned a bit of a reputation for breaking things. On the upside, I have also learned how to fix those things. The maintenance guys know they only need to show me once, leave me the tools, and I won't be calling them back.

So, on Monday I walk into work, and the supervisor tells me I'm going to be running the 62" rotary cutter. I gave a slight look of shock as I explained I hadn't run that machine yet. I get a five minute crash course, then I'm left to my own devices. The R/O (rate of operation) for that machine, with 2 people (I had a packer) was 4.1 cases an hour. Today they gave me my R/O evaluation, I made 8.1 cases an hour. (does the happy me dance. oh yeah :D ) One of my coworkers told me ahead of time I broke rate, because she had heard them talking about it in the office, but I was still surprised I almost doubled it my first time on the machine. I have a bit of a competitive streak in me, so my goal next time will be to best myself.

What they neglected to tell me ahead of time, was that the material I would be working with has extremely sharp edges. (it's only paper for gawd sake) The tops of my hands now look like I played with razor blades and lost.

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