Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Odd fact

As I was heading home from work today, the weatherman gave us a strange fact. We have not hit freezing once, since the start of the new year. Imagine that, not once did we hit 32 degrees. I am almost afraid to go back and check how long it has been since we saw it. How sad to think you look forward to getting to that magical temperature.
They did finally sand our road. After 3 cars have gone in the ditch. Looks like they used five gallons worth of it, on our 2 mile stretch of road. (cheap buzzturds) All the other roads got loaded with sand, but not ours. Last time they bothered to do a decent job on our road was right after the school bus almost went in the ditch. That was probably 10 years or more ago.
Don't you just love country living :D

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