Saturday, April 25, 2009

History revisited

A WWII aircraft was brought to the surface Friday after 60 years at the bottom of Lake Michigan. (now that is really cool)
An SBD Dauntless dive bomber that was lost during training exercises over the lake during World War II was pulled out in Waukegan.
Inch by inch a piece of history emerged from a 60 year slumber in Lake Michigan, and veterans Chuck Downey and Grant Young didn't want to miss this moment.

Imagine being there when that piece of history was lifted out of its watery grave.
Full article can be read here. There is also a video that shows it being brought up and a little history.


Hammer said...

Things don't rot so bad in cold fresh water.

USA_Admiral said...

Pretty amazing.

Galaxy Echo said...

It would be an incredible experience to have been there when they brought it up, especially for a WWII-era veteran. Talk about a real blast from the past!

The most interesting part about bringing up antiques from this country's past is the evidence they provide about history. Has it been recorded truthfully and accurately? What is on record that is exaggerated/untrue, or left out because of its truth?

Bob G. said...

That's cool, and with it not being in SALT water, preservation should be better than average...the colder, the better!

Another flight from the GREAT LAKES training facility FOUND...betcha that's going to create a mess of paperwork SOMEWHERE, knowing the military.

Nice job, though.