Friday, April 24, 2009


Your result for The Verbal Obscenity Test...


You are 23% capable of making other people's ears hurt!

So, how'd you do?

I'm impressed, you've managed to get through life without having your use of the English language tarnished by foulness! No Courtney Love-style socialising for you. You're not inclined to burst into fits of verbal rage, and I'm guessing this makes you less likely to get punched by others. Which is awesome, since being beaten up is such a drag anyway. Just a helpful hint: swearing all the time is definitely a bit boring, but pulling one out every once in a while can pack a nice punch. Don't be afraid to use a little rough language on occasion, just to show that you mean business.

What occasion, I hear you ask? Well, some people find talking dirty arousing. Sometimes swearing can be helpful in looking tough when one of those hoodlum-types approaches you. Using some language on your boss may also be effective in stirring things up, but maybe that's just me. Either way, be careful, as getting your timing wrong can result in getting fired, or sleeping alone for the next month. Use your good judgement! Also, for the record, this is the category that I, the maker of this test, scored in (hard to believe, I know, since it's a test about swearing). So I personally support your choice to be careful in when you cuss!

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