Thursday, April 9, 2009

work - rant

Back in December, we were told we wouldn't be getting a raise. Those of us who have been through a layoff were thrilled that's all it was. Those who have never been through one had a fit.
Last month the company I work for bought 2 more paper machines, so they would be less dependent on other companies for product. Once again a group of employees had a fit. They obviously do not grasp what is important.
So I have decided to list the perks this company gives us. And let you decide, if we truly have it good, during this economic disaster or not.

1. Health insurance (yes, it may be a high deductible plan, BUT the company puts $360/quarter in our health savings account)
(includes a free yearly exam) $34/bi-weekly
2. dental insurance $17/bi-weekly
3. vision insurance (free pair of glasses every 2 years and free yearly eye exam) $7/bi-weekly
4. 80 hours paid vacation Plus 16 hours paid personal time off.
401k company matched up to $750/year
6. $50 a year for safety glasses.
7. $100 a year for safety shoes.
8. $0.13 for every hour worked the year before, if you go the whole year without a work related injury. (my safety bonus was $360 after taxes. I worked a lot of OT ;) )
9. small monthly safety gift (value anywhere from $5-$20) if we go without a work related injury during the month.
10. Christmas party (dinner, drinks and gifts)
11. summer golf outing (lunch, drinks and prizes)
12. cookouts during warm months
13. assorted free paper products when available

Please keep in mind, this company employs approximately 120 people, and has not laid off one person.
Now, my question to you is this, am I right in thinking we have a great company, or do you agree with the "others" that they should have gotten a raise?


Hammer said...

Sounds pretty dang good.

John D. said...

I'm not getting a raise this year, either. Looks like I'm not getting one next year, as well. I'm not happy about it, but I'm glad I still have a job.

Your company doesn't sound too bad to me. And it definitely beats unemployment any day.

Easily Lost said...

I've only been with the company 3 years, so I was very glad they weren't laying people off.

USA_Admiral said...

That does sound very good.

No lay offs is incredible in these days.

Snigglefrits said...

My coworker raised hell this year when we didn't get a raise. Business was off, I didn't expect one, sure don't feel that I was *owed* one and was just damned glad (at that time anyway) to have a job.

Sounds like you work with several folks who are more than a few bricks shy of a load, EL.