Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rights? What rights..........

You may have seen me complain on other blogs about our state not allowing concealed carry. We are one of only a couple states that don't allow it. We do however, have the right to carry out in the open. The following article is how you are treated is you choose to exercise that right.

As WISN 12 News was interviewing a West Allis man about his past arrest for carrying a gun in the open, police confronted him again Tuesday night -- one day after the state's attorney general ruled it's legal.
"I'm totally opposed to it. I do not think we need more guns on the streets," state Rep. Leon Young said. (who cares if he is opposed to it, it's perfectly legal here!)
Milwaukee's police chief said he'll go on telling his officers to take down anyone with a firearm despite Van Hollen's finding that people can carry guns openly if they do it peacefully. ( so if you are legally carrying a weapon in the open, expect to kiss the pavement, frequently)

rest of the article can be found here. You might also want to read the previous articles associated with that story.


Bob G. said...

Trying to wrap by mind around all this...

You CAN carry OPEN, but NOT concealed, and yet, the POLICE will arrest you for doing something LEGAL, according to your SAG, but if you would carry concealed, the police wouldn't really know that you are BREAKING the LAW, and therefore could not arrest you, unless they saw the concealed which point, it would not be "concealed", and you would be arrested anyway.


Wow, my brain hurts and my teeth itch after THAT one...!

I can see the lawsuits lining up already...and they'd all be RIGHT tofile suit, considering the police stance against something LEGAL.

They need to back off, or straighten the laws out so there is NO confusion whatsoever.


John D said...

In essence, what the police chief is doing is making up his own law, and then enforcing it. I'm trying to remember which part of the constitution allows for that, but I'm at a loss for an answer.

To echo what Bob G said, lawsuits resulting from this are a virtual certainty. And when the city loses, guess who foots the bill: the taxpayers.

Easily Lost said...

Welcome to my world :D
You can't win for losing.

(and people wonder why I have the moniker Easily Lost, besides being hopelessly directionally challenged, that is)

USA_Admiral said...

Socialism is all about instilling fear by example. Even lawful acts become unlawful.