Thursday, July 9, 2009

bits and pieces

Pieces and parts from the subject line of spam mail.

Claim your free forbidden fruit. It's summer lovin' ending tomorrow. Wondering where everybody is? On the desert wild. You're in charge. Contact an administrator. Service activation at Central Park. Having problems downloading someone in you department? Respect and the personal hula hoop space.

And just because I like you, here is a tip from someone who knows.

Stay out of trouble.


Galaxy Echo said...

nice pic, gee, it looks so familiar... wasn't I the one who sent you that one? HEHEHE... Stay out of trouble... YEA RIGHT! *laughs maniacally*

Lemme tell ya, I feel for that horse... I'm sure many others have felt like they're deep in a hole they can't get out of! But then you look around and see, there are people; friends, family, maybe even strangers, who will help you out! Kind of encouraging eh?

Bob G. said...

Is he climbing IN...or climbing OUT?

(we're gonna need a bigger SLING)