Saturday, July 18, 2009

How was your Friday?

Well, let me tell you about mine.

I finished making supper around 5:45. Sat down to eat. One dog on either side of me, which is normal. Finished eating about 6:15. Speared a piece of scrap on my fork, to save for the bigger dog, and turned away for 2 seconds to give the pup his scrap, when WHAM, the fork is nabbed straight out of my hand by none other than Stan, the older dog. I jerked my head around in time to see said fork disappear down Stan's mouth. OHHHHHHH $hit. I grabbed the phone book and started calling vets within a 30 mile radius to see what, if anything, could be done. Finally found one 60 miles away, in Appleton. Long drive on a Friday evening, wondering just what this was going to cost. 7:30 I load up the hound and head out. Get on the other side of Green Bay, and get a double whammy. Road construction! Forcing the normal 2 south bound lanes, into one. And pouring rain. (where the heck is ours??) Do you know what it is like, driving through a maze of orange striped barrels, in pouring rain, worrying about your passenger? Fookin' nerve wracking. Get to the vet (with only one wrong turn, mind you) and sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Finally get called back, only to wait another 15 minutes for the doctor. Kids start texting as soon as I get in the exam room. (Psychic or what.) (One of those texts came from my daughter, asking if I was sure he swallowed it, because they had found one on the floor. Yep, I know he swallowed it, I saw it go down.) He checks out Hoover Stan and says we need x-rays, to see where the fork was located. A friggin hour later, they bring my dog back. So the Doc loads up his computer, turns the screen so I can see it, and NO FORK! They took x-rays from stem to stern, and it wasn't there. When I explained to him that I saw the fork going down, he said more than likely Stan coughed it back up, and to watch in case he scratched his esophagus doing so. Total cost to moi? $250 and 4 hours of my time between travel and visit. It was worth it. My psychotic hound is worth that and more. I was so dayemed relieved, I almost cried. (Stan is the big yellow one, under the puppy)

So, how was your Friday?


Wyatt Earp said...

Jesus, what a scare! Now he may set off metal detectors at the airport, though.

Bob G. said...


In OUR household, we just call that a real "BOB" kinda day.

Glad it worked out, but sorry to see the nerves and the pocketbook shot to crap in the process.

Stan might need to practice some table etiquette in the future.


Snigglefrits said...

I would have been shittin' kittens myself. Glad your pooch is okay and even though it was $250, that's not too bad a price for peace of mind. Sorry for the sucky evening though.

Hammer said...

What a nightmare. Glad there was a happy ending.

Galaxy Echo said...

Yea I'm real glad fatty is OK, he's family you know and you're darn right he's a priceless member! Tuck wouldn't know what to do without him! :)