Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, that was the extent of the rain we got today, those few pitiful drops on the windshield of my jeep. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Pardon the poor picture quality, I took that with my phone, at lunchtime, at work.


Bob G. said...

Would befriending any of the local native American tribes be of assitance at this point?
Just curious...
Personally, I'd love to oblige.

Then again, you "could" wind up with a gully-washing DELUGE...and that would be a lot worse!

I'd do a raindance for 'ya, but the last time I tried, we had a huge surge in the CICADA well as troubles with our state's BMV...go figure.

Lesson learned:
NEVER send in a rookie (white man) to do the job of the PROS (Miami Indians).

Good luck...and keep that umbrella handy.


USA_Admiral said...

Here is hoping for today and the rest of the week.