Thursday, July 16, 2009

Citizen Self Arrest

I was over at Police Diver's blog when I read this little gem. (go ahead and read it, I'll wait here)

Back? OK. Now, I requested permission to print it out, and brought a copy to work. Let's just say I had most everyone in my department laughing. Now picture this...... I am the second youngest one working in our area. And at 42, I am not exactly a teenager anymore. (The oldest one in our area is 70) We were discussing things we could arrest ourselves for, when my evil twin (my other self) popped in with this conundrum. Who does the pat down? Do you frisk yourself, or wait for the arresting officer? I personally vote for waiting for an officer, it's always better to have a professional do such things, especially one with a LOT of experience. ;) Besides, if you do it yourself, you may miss something. Now for the flip side of the coin. If you are suppose to frisk yourself, and refuse, would it be considered resisting arrest? And if so, would you then have to amend the current charges to reflect the new one also?
(everytime some one came into our little corner of the plant looking for something, we'd tell them "oh, go frisk yourself" then burst out laughing again)

(admit it, now I have you thinking in circles like I do :D welcome to my world)

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Snigglefrits said...

Too funny!! I think the self-pat down would qualify as something else though- something that would probably get you arrested again if done in public, so you'd immediately be a repeat offender. ;-)