Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stupid lazy people

I love my job. Everyday that I wake up and am still employed is a great day to me.
Yesterday was not a good day. I came the closest I have ever come to striking another human being. I actually had to walk away before the brain could send the signal to my hand. I work with a lady, I call her the "Queen of Whine". Her husband was fired from his job last year, and still hasn't found another job. (He isn't trying very hard though) From the moment she walks in the door, right up until quitting time, she whines, complains, generally makes everyone miserable. Yesterday I had to work with her on the boom line, instead of being tucked safely in my own little corner, on the grinder, where I belong. No sooner had we started shift, she started in whining. It didn't matter what subject we tried to change the conversation too, she had a whine about it. Then the spec sheet didn't make sense to her, even after we ALL explained how to load the booms on the skid. Nope, she had to go find a supervisor to explain it to her. This person has been with the company 8 years longer than I have, and she can't remember a dayem thing from day to day. And no, there is nothing wrong with her mentally (at least not like some of you are probably thinking) She has new excuses everyday. Any little thing to delay working. When she left to go find a supervisor to explain the spec sheet I finally had enough. I excused myself and walked away for a few minutes.
If you hate your job that much, then for all of our sakes QUIT.


Hammer said...

I worked with someone like that..they were always on some fake workmans comp injury so I only had to hear the whining when in between injuries and her sexual harassment suits.

USA_Admiral said...

People like that make a ordinary job, a very difficult job.

Bob G. said...

Sounds like you've got a politician working among you...LOL!

(or at LEAST...a political ACTIVIST...she's not from ACORN, is she?)

Hang in there, dear!


Snigglefrits said...

There's one in every crowd. Ugh. Sorry EL, doubtful they'll fire her and even more doubtful she'll quit. Maybe we should dub her AA, The Second? ;)

Diane said...

hey at least she didn't say you were too skinny too :P *ducks and runs*