Friday, July 24, 2009


Every time I read the news, I see something new the great and mighty O has done, that has made him appear even more foolish than he already looked. At the rate he is going, I may need to buy stock in Advil and Duct tape. The latest being the Gates fiasco. Open mouth, insert feet ashhat. And if he makes one friggin' more television appearance, while our great nation slips into the $hitter, they may hear me scream all the way to the coasts. Both of them!


Galaxy Echo said...

Well, you invest in the duct tape and Advil, and I will invest in earplugs! Scream your heart out jomama. :D

P.S. my captcha is "swaying," do you think there is relevance in it seeing as Polka Days is in town???? :))

USA_Admiral said...

Right On!!

He is the TV Prez.