Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michigan unemployment rate 15.2%

Normally I don't post political stuff on my blog. But this one just stood right the heck up and bit me.

Michigan unemployment tops 15%

Michigan became the first state in 25 years to suffer an unemployment rate exceeding 15%, according to a report released Friday by the Labor Department.

Full story can be found here.

Well now, I was informed back when they bailed out the major auto makers, that jobs would be saved, and new ones created. Would someone like to explain just where all these saved jobs are? Because it sure as heck doesn't look like they are in Michigan. You know, Michigan, the one that was gonna lose everything without that bailout, because they have so many people employed in auto manufacturing??? Maybe someone would like to tell them they must be full of chit. Because the Great and powerful O swore up and down this was gonna save them. And our wonderful Prez would NEVER lie to us. (now would he)

Doesn't this make you feel all warm and fuzzy regarding his next project. Obamacare.


Bob G. said...

Bet'cha be surprised to find out HOW MUCH WELFARE (aka freebie handouts) are going to multi-generational "families" in that state too...

Much of the major cities there (especially DETROIT) looks worse than some 3rd world countries...

Some future, hmm?

USA_Admiral said...

I cannot believe it is failing so completely and so quickly. I don't think there will much left in 4 years.