Saturday, July 25, 2009

mutant fruit

We picked up some grapes at Sam's club a couple days ago, and I was astonished at the size of them. These things were bigger than my thumb! I took a picture of them surrounding a soda bottle top, to give you an idea of just how huge they are. Now tell me someone isn't out there playing around with enhancing food production, in a Doctor Jekyll - Mr. Hyde sort of way.


John D. said...

Must be radiation. Did you pick them up in the thermonuclear produce section?

Easily Lost said...

Is that what that sign said?? Knew I should have taken a few minutes to try and decipher it.

Bob G. said...

Makes me wonder if these mutations have that sterilizing DNA in them....???

(look for the "Made at 3 mile Island label"...for freshness)

(And...that would explain Obama's want to push socialized medicine...fewer people being born to scarf up all that money...makes sense in a perverse way)

Sure they're not naked KIWI fruit?


Easily Lost said...

If those are naked kiwi, could I get arrested for posting fruit porn? :O