Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tucker with new puppy Sal

The house was pretty much trashed once they were done, but it was worth seeing Tucker, the chocolate Lab, initiating play with the new puppy, after 3 weeks of wondering if he would take his head off. Stanley, the yellow Lab, had no issues adjusting to the new puppy.

Tucker and Sal (this will take you to a facebook video of the two wrestling)

Here are a few stills of the new puppy.

Now, if I could just teach them to wipe their paws, before coming in from outside, and pick up everything they shred....

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sticker Shock

I figured I would share some sticker shock with y'all.

                                (click to enlarge)

I wonder if this is a post surgical stress test, or what!

Insurance paid a total of $55,058.68 out of a total billed of $82,277.65. 
The rest was considered insurance discounts or ineligible.
By the way, my total cost out of that whole thing was $2750.
Thank God for insurance.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About time

I read this post today, and felt an immediate need to not only share the link, but do an in-depth comment. He hit the nail so squarely on the head, I am surprised it didn't explode.

Those are emotionally fragile Miranda walkers. Because anything you say "can, and will be used against you." Political correctness has crippled this society. People need to not only grow up (mature), but get a backbone also. They need to stop dispensing Prozac as a "cure", and start pushing therapy, so people learn to deal with unpleasant situations, not just cover them up with false feelings of happiness. Now, I realize there are people out there, who truly have lived through something so traumatic they require extra help in the form of a prescription, but this should be a temporary measure, not a lifelong fix. We have created a massive zombie society. They can't handle anything that might hurt their little feelings. If it bothers them in the slightest they need drugs to make it all better. On top of that, they demand new laws to stop whatever word/situation caused them such emotional harm. Then come the lawsuits.  Our courts are being inundated with frivolous lawsuits. And hate crime enhancers, because this whole everyone is created equal is just a load of nonsense to some. Time to put on your big-boy pants America.

By the way, if my comment offends you in anyway........... deal with it.