Saturday, November 29, 2008

Garbage kitty

As I was prepping and cooking for Thanksgiving, I found an unusual item in the garbage. At first I thought I was seeing things. Upon closer examination, I realized I really was seeing what I thought it was. There was a cat curled up, sound asleep, in there. I had been tossing things on top of him as I worked. Why he never woke up I have no idea. This is the same cat curled up with the dogs on the recliner in another picture.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

deer hunting

And so it begins, accidental shootings and bodies. It never fails, every year someone gets hurt or killed by careless hunters. And someone stumbles onto a body.
You are walking around, or sitting, with a LOADED weapon. Please pay attention to where you are aiming. Don't make that spur of the moment, adrenaline rushed shot at that trophy buck. I have heard of no less than 3 hunting related accidents already, 2 of which, one member of the same hunting party shot another one. The third one was a self inflicted accident. (in my opinion stupidity)
There have also been reports of 2 bodies found by hunters. One was a badly decomposed female. The second one just a skeleton. Let's hope they find whoever these people belong to, and bring some closure to a couple families out there.
Make sure if you're hunting alone, someone knows where you are and when to expect you home.
Stay safe out there!

Dennis DeYoung - The Music of Styx

Many people know I am a music and book collector. At any giving time I have 1200 books at home, in a variety of genre. My music collection is nearing 20,000 songs, also in a wide variety. (except rap, I can not stand rap)
Recently I added Dennis DeYoung - The music of Styx, live with full orchestra. Let me tell you, if you are a fan of Styx, or that type of music, you NEED this collection. The first song I listened too from the set was Grand Illusion, it was absolutely fantastic! In my opinion, it blew away the original hands down. The other stand out for me was Show Me The Way, he sang it with no music what so ever. His voice was crisp and clear. Fabulous.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving this year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

deer hunting

To all the big deer hunters, I couldn't let the season opener start without posting this just for you :D The 30 point buck, and The second week of deer camp, by Da Yoopers Stay safe out there.

dumb laws 1

During one of my mindless searches on the internet I decided to look up dumb laws still on the books for my state. (and no I don't mean state of confusion)

Sun Prarie:
Dogs and cats restricted on cemeteries.
Section 6.04.080

No dog or cat shall be permitted in any public cemetery. Every dog specially trained to lead blind persons shall be exempt from this section.

(Prior code � 7-1-8)

ok, and you're going to stop them HOW? Are there doggy and kitty police just waiting to arrest their furry arses the minute they enter said cemetery?


Ever just wandered through the internet, just to see what's out there? Followed link after link from one site to another? Now, for those of you without one heck of an anti virus and spy ware remover, I don't suggest doing this. For those of you comfortable with weird, strange and sometimes just downright disgusting things, try it sometime. I'm simply amazed at what is actually out there. What people take the time to write, upload and generally put out for the publics general viewing pleasures. (if that's what you want to call it)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving is next week. I've been working on the menu, asking everyone's input. The final menu goes as follows: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, black forest pie, apple pie and cheesecake. I hope to get the pies and cheesecake done on Wednesday, but I'm not sure it will happen. I work till 4:30 and won't be home until close to 5:30.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank You

To each and every Veteran out there, I wish to convey my sincere thanks for what you did for our country.
Goddess bless you, one and all.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vin Diesel : Hunk Of the Month

(drools) Ok, I will admit, he is one of the absolutely best looking men on the planet, at least in my opinion. I would love just 30 minutes with that one :D
(maybe an hour)
(ok 3 or 4 would be better)

Friday, November 7, 2008


I heard the Dakotas got hammered with a storm. I'm kind of hoping it stays away, but that is wishful thinking on my part. We usually get what they get a day or so later, but usually not as intense. The wood is in the basement ready to keep us warm this winter, and the LP tank is full as backup. Mother Nature is going to do what she wants anyhow, so Bring It On.

New President

Well, Obama won the elections, it's finally over and done with. Adjust, get over it, move on.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blessed Samhain

Original video obtained from Youtube

Fate works in mysterious ways

Well I just found out my old place of employment is heading down the tubes, and rather quickly from the sounds of it. I was laid off in March of 2007, and now I'm glad I was. It gave me a head start on finding a job ahead of all the rest of them.
Yes, I took over a four dollar an hour pay cut at the new place. Yes, I lost 3 weeks of vacation. BUT, and this is a big one, I found a new job less then two months later. I am back up to two weeks vacation, and I have health insurance again. The ones getting laid off now are entering a job market that is way worse off then when I was looking. I feel absolutely terrible for those just now getting the ax, and I wish them all well in their search.