Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Friday :D

Well I made it through another long week. (barely) On Thursday we had our annual company meeting. This is the meeting where the owner tells us how crappy the economy is, how sales are down (oh really? I couldn't tell), and how we are still on a wage freeze, until whenever. After giving us all the gloom and doom, they did manage to surprise us all. We got a Christmas bonus!! In fact after he told us we were getting a bonus and the amount, my voice clearly rang out with "HUH"? The owner laughed and said he thought our hearing was better than his. (He is clinically deaf without his hearing aids). Each and every full time employee received a $1000 bonus. I was floored.!!!!


Diane said...

At least it wasn't a pink slip - 1k at Christmastime is great!

Bob G. said...

When I used to work for the STS division of the late Circuit City, we got about the same bonus one year...I was FLOORED.
With our generation, we tend to appreciate things like that.

Another company (family-owned) once gave us all a week's salary...AND tossed in a Christmas party.

I miss those days.

Congrats on your bonus...I love seeing working people get what they TRULY deserve for all their toil.