Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dare to be Different

Out front I have a lilac bush, that every year, decides to toss out one set of white flowers amongst the purple ones. This year was no exception. It reminds me of people who refuse to follow the norm set by society, in a good way. It dares to be different. I see a lot of that lately. People who refuse to conform to the idiotic rules set by a society that is being overrun by government officials with no working brain cells.

People claim all laws are passed to "make all of our lives better." Oh really! We have a sue happy society who can't support themselves without the government's help. We have citizens who don't know the word NO. They don't understand what working for a living actually means. We have hate crime enhancers that apply only to white people. We have specially funded colleges for everyone, except again, for the white male. And when someone tries to organize a college scholarship for said white males, he is ridiculed and called a racist. No child let behind, that is churning out kids left and right into society that can not even think for themselves, read above a sixth grade level (if that), or do basic math without a calculator. (But can probably text 100 words per minute on their expensive cell phones) Young adults are being told they can not pray to their chosen God during their commencement ceremonies, because it breaks one law or another. (Freedom of speech? Where) Political correctness has gotten completely out of control. (pretty soon you won't be able to call the sky blue, or the grass green) We have law makers more worried about pacifying the minority, then worrying about ways to actually fix a severely broken system.

It is time society, as a whole, gets off their collective butts and starts doing something about this. Remember, even a small voice can be heard, when added to others. Be a rebel. Stand up for yourself. Speak your mind. Don't be afraid of standing out in a crowd. (others may just be waiting for someone like you to start the change)

Be that White Lilac. Dare to be different!


JR said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

USA_Admiral said...

Nicely done! I like the rebel part!

Bob G. said...

Great picture...

nI'll bet the farm that the FRAGRANCE cominmg off of that is FANTASTIC!

Now THAT is a LILAC bush!

It's good to be a rebel...that's how our NATION got started (and tyranny got the boot back across the pond).

And some good advice.
Great post.

Stay safe out there

Nora Holloway said...

I enjoyed the post AND the picture! I have learned that a large part of being an adult is staying true to yourself (a never-ending challenge it would seem).

Mrs. Crankipants said...

Nice post, I wholeheartedly agree - especially the dumbing down of education. The LA school district has just done away with homework. I'm thinking if they do away with testing as well, graduation rates should sky rocket!

Nice lilac bush, they're my favorite flowers.