Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby it's cold out there

Got up this morning and checked the weather. It was 1 degree outside. Why bother giving us that one stinking degree? Do you think it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well it doesn't! My jeep complained rather loudly at having to start, and I don't blame it one bit. I didn't want to start either. Good thing I have Fridays off and only had to drop the daughter off at school as her car is in the shop getting new tires. Ran to the store, picked up some things we needed, and high tailed my frozen butt home.
I am so ready for summer. The hotter the better. Not a good sign seeing as how winter hasn't even really started here yet.
(thinks warm thoughts, the kind that don't land you in jail :P )


Snigglefrits said...

I love cold weather, but this year's power bills are killing me. They've already gone above the mortgage payment.

Unrelated- do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Easily Lost said...

I wouldn't mind at all :D