Sunday, March 8, 2009

21st century

Well it was bound to happen. After having a dedicated 8 year relationship with my last phone, I have decided it was time to upgrade. My new phone has pretty much all the bells and whistles I will possibly need for the near future. Which I'm sure I will learn over the next week or so.
The really sad part is, I can take a computer apart and rebuild it. I can fix most things that I break. But I absolutely Hate phones. I wanted one that fits in a pocket and my old one sure didn't. So I broke down and got a new one.


USA_Admiral said...

New phones today have a much larger learning curve even for those of us reasonably sound thinking. Once you learn them though it is great.

Easily Lost said...

I'll take your word for it. Still much rather rip apart a computer though.

Anonymous said...

I'm still carrying a prepaid phone. It doesn't even have a camera. Pretty low tech, but it only costs me about $15 a month, and I have about 1200 minutes of call time left. Guess I'm not much of a chatterbox.

Snigglefrits said...

Same here as John D.

My father called me tonight though- they issued him a "Blue Tooth cell phone" through work. Camera, this, that and the other & he had a gazillion questions.

Sorry Dad, can't help you this time as I know nothing about all that stuff.

I just like a phone that makes a call. :D

That said, congrats on the new phone EL!