Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mother Nature is cruel

Tease us with 40 degree weather, show us that sunshine, then take it all away. Merciless biotch. Today we are expected to get yet another 8 inches of the frozen white chit, in the form of snow and sleet. Accompanying said wondrous wet crap is a serenade of high winds to better blow it all over kingdom come and back.
Someone want to send me a one way ticket to some deserted island puleeeeeeeeeease?


USA_Admiral said...

I am fresh out of tickets to anywhere except the poor house with that criminal Obama in charge.

Easily Lost said...

darn :( guess I'll have to tough it out

Anonymous said...

We actually got into the 50s last weekend, but I was stuck with National Guard drill, so I couldn't really enjoy it. We're getting some precip (rain mixed with snow) here now, but it's not sticking (so far).