Saturday, April 25, 2009

cold wet Saturday

Well, it is officially spring. They pulled the first body out of the Fox River yesterday. (article can be found here) They never seem to jump in the winter, maybe they are afraid they will just break something, but still live. We have a couple of great bridges here for jumping off. In fact, one year a lady drove for hours, just to use the Leo Frigo Bridge. One well known story can be found here, involving Trooper Boldt. I am simply amazed the lengths desperate people will go (and they have to be desperate to want to do this) to end their lives. No matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone worse off then you, living their life to the fullest of their ability. Don't waste the gift you were given. Life is too short already as it is.


USA_Admiral said...

It makes you wonder how bad a persons life is that this is even an option.

Easily Lost said...

I hope I never get that bad to have to ever find out.

Galaxy Echo said...

When things really suck and you truly feel that you can't get out of that rut, or that your life is completely and utterly meaningless, it's easy to talk yourself into killing yourself, but it's even harder to talk yourself out of it.