Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What do a box clamp, a table, a utility knife, and a cardboard box have in common?
They all got a chunk of me today. It seems every time I turned around today, I was getting cut, bruised or scratched. Thank gawd tomorrow is Thursday.


Bob G. said...

Time for some "paybacks", me thinks...!

Go get 'em!


Easily Lost said...

I could send them all through the grinder, but I'm pretty sure then I would be calling maintenance :))

Your Aussie Big sis :D said...

*laughs* If there's a sharp knife to be found in the house I will cut myself on it , a cardboard box would prolly inflict a nasty papercut, a table would be walked into , not just once either lol,or kicked, as for a box clamp , thats one I have yet to come across , maybe best i dont ........sometimes one wonders just how related you and I truely are sis LOL