Thursday, March 3, 2011

First night back

The shift as a whole, went quite fast. Although we ran out of material at 1a.m. (poor planning on their part, once again, but no surprise) The temp they gave me actually knows How to work.(absolutely amazing) And Wants to work. (faints dead away) The first 20 miles of the drive home wasn't bad at all. The last 10 miles.......... Any way, just thought I'd let ya know, I didn't kill myself or anyone else on the way home. Keep it between the lines, and I'll see you on the other side.


Bob G. said...

Other than the material did you manage to "luck out" with the hired help?
The company better hang onto that person!
Ethics like that doesn't come along that often these days.

Rest up.
Stay safe out there.

Easily Lost said...

@ Bob... darn lucky I think. The temp they hired for days seems more interested in talking then working. Hopefully the company will find a position for him when I go back to days.