Thursday, March 13, 2014

Too cute

I came across this today Police ticket toddler in toy car  and had so many thoughts cross my little kitty mind.
Was she wearing a seat belt? Was she drinking and driving? Did she have insurance? How will the PD spend the windfall from that ticket? How many points did that cost her? Isn't the officer afraid of being accused of racial profiling. And the final question.... How many idiots thought those were serious questions?

It is wonderful to see LEOs take time to connect with residents of the areas they patrol, especially the children. And that stories like this are put out there, so more people realize Cops are not the heartless gunslingers some people think they are, who only show up when something bad goes down. I am betting that "ticket" gets framed, and put on her bedroom wall. I know that's what I would have done.


John D said...

Kudos to Officer Velasco. Good community relations are an important component to police work.

Easily Lost said...

Very much so, which is why I love seeing articles like this one.

Bob G. said...

Yes, good to see the police connect with their patrol area.
Used to bea time they LIVED in the area they patrolled...made knowing people and what was going on a LOT easier for everyone.

Stay safe out there.