Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzard Warning

Mother Nature, in her extremely vengeful state, has decided to grace us with a full blown blizzard. Over a foot of snow and high winds, which will reduce visibility to 0. Don't you just love her wicked sense of humor? I, of course, will be a smart cat and stay home if we get the predicted forecast.

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John D said...

It hit us this morning. Less than a foot, but it still sucked to drive in. I went to work anyway, but only because it's payday. :)

Bob G. said...

We've only got HIGH winds right now...but the bottom will be dropping out of the thermometers tonight in the Heartland (Indiana).

And we still might be getting some snow...or sleet...or freezing rain (the dice are still rolling on this forecast)

"Must be nice this time of year in VERMONT"...(said Danny Kaye to Bing Crosby)

Dust off the shovels and break out the salt, kids!
(we're gonna need 'em)