Friday, May 22, 2009

driving laws

Do they suspend all laws dealing with driving on a holiday weekend? The primary one being the freaking Speed Limit??? I was on my way home from the store this afternoon, and every other dayem car was trying to pass me. I'll admit, I am one of those slow drivers, you know the kind that rarely goes over the speed limit? I use my blinkers and wear a seat belt too. Every time I checked my rear view mirror some fool was playing leapfrog. The road I was on has a lot of no passing zones, so during those few opportunities people have, they floor it, safe or not. In some cases they don't even want to wait for the dotted yellow line, and try passing in a no passing zone. Just because it is a holiday does NOT mean your brain has to go to sleep, or take a vacation. For God sake people payyyyy attention!


Diane said...

lucky you! around here, they drive at LESS than marked speed limits! they dont even come close to the speed limit.. like 10 or 15 miles below the speed limit - and that's in town when its marked 30 or 35. So we're stuck poking along at 15 or 20 all the way from one side of town to another, takes forever. Now in Houston, on 59 that's another story, we see cars flying by doing at least 90 all the time late at night when we're coming home at 10:30 from the symphony.. an accident waiting to happen - there was a gaggle of high-end cars racing by us doing that bob and weave through traffic at break-neck speeds Saturday night up in Sugarland. And then they got where they had to slam on brakes. Sometimes I wish for a paintball gun to blast em with. Or that I was a cop and could nab em.

none said...

I noticed that the leap frogs just wear themselves out and don't get to their desitination any faster.

Marianne said...

Hey kiddo, you guys need the rules we have in Aus , we normally have just demerit points when you are convicted of a traffic offense . You start with I think 12 points when you get your license , now you commit a traffic offense , you may lose 2 points for say speeding, or talking on your cell ph, not wearing a seatbelt etc. But it gets better , on public holidays etc, they have DOUBLE demerits, which means if you are caught driving without your seatbelt , you lose 6 points immediately , now if your passenger is also not wearing theirs , you lose 12 , meaning you lose your license for 12 months , in one foul swoop it harsh or call it what ya like , but its sure dropped road deaths etc since this method has been introduced....and if it saves lives ( and it seems in particular the road deaths of teens have dropped )I aint knocking it, and am all for it !