Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's the weekend

It is officially the start of the weekend. Well for me anyhow. The last couple of days sucked weather wise. We have had several inches of rain. The front yard where I play fetch with the dogs is a partial swamp right now. Yesterday, after I got home from work we played fetch, in the rain. (fun) Today it was warm and the sun was shining . Although the yard is still a mess, it was a blast. The pup was pretty much body surfing for some of the throws. And he didn't even slide into the big maple tree once. I was impressed.
Tomorrow I plan on sleeping late. (at least 8) Then play catch up on laundry, work on organizing my music list some more (moving in on 12,000 songs), get new tires put on the jeep, then see what other trouble I can get into the rest of the weekend. (legally that is, shame on those of you who thought otherwise)


Diane said...

yeah I heard about your tire - right outside the door, waiting to trip anyone who just walks outside :P Time for some yardwork- time for planting stuff in your yard.

Bob G. said...

We've been planting things in OUR yard too, but Code Enforcement made me rip out ALL those punji sticks and take down the barbed wire...(damn).

(Spoiled sports...NO sense of humor.)

Have a good weekend.

Easily Lost said...

Bob, you might think about spring loaded ones..... less detectable ;)