Sunday, May 31, 2009

illegal immigrants...driving and education

OK, I'm pretty sure this post is not going to be well received among a few of my readers. But hey, what can I say, we can't always agree on everything. I am posting two links to some articles about allowing illegal immigrants to get special drivers licenses here in the state and another one to allow them to apply at local colleges as resident students as long as they have graduated from a local high school. Now here is where I may angervate (yes that is a word in my dictionary, I'm sure Webster just missed it) a few people. I am all for BOTH of them. Yes I am. If we are going to get illegal immigrants this far north (which we have) I want to make dayem sure they can drive well, and get an education.

Do I actually know some illegals to be saying something such as this? Yes I do. Good friends actually. And guess what folks........They Pay Taxes, just like everyone else. And they will never see a red cent of it back. They DO NOT get free health care, they pay insurance premiums like everyone else, and they can even get a mortgage to Purchase Houses. Imagine that!!

Now if you have issues with this, too bad. Adjust.

The first article about schooling can be found here. The second article about drivers licensing can be found here.


Texas Ghostrider said...

ILLEGAL - hummmm, Wonder what that word means.... illegal

Bob G. said...

who'da thunk?

AS to the whole issue OF illegals.

All the pundits "claim" we have "ABOUT 20 MILLION" illegals here in the USA...
Try DOUBLE THAT NUMBER...and add a few MILIION for good measure!!!

The FACTS are that we had about 300,000 illegals coming into America back in 1952 (the year I was born), and that number NEVER went down in subsequent years.
It only went UP.

Someone in D.C. needs a remedial MATH course...

But that's just *my* opinion.

Angervate....part of my lexicon now (along with a word I made up - ENVIRONMANGELIST, as in Al Gore).

Diane said...

Let them apply through the legal means for LEGAL status. which means going back to wherever they came from, and going through proper channels. Did you realize that illegal border crossing is a felony? Not just a misdemeanor?

none said...

I've met lots of decent hard working illegals. I liked em but they are breaking the law and need to go home and fix their own country. Or apply for legal status.

Easily Lost said...

I understand everyone's comments about them being illegal, or in some cases "undocumented aliens". Never did understand the difference between the two. The point I am trying to make is, would you rather they drive with no license and no proof of who they are,or any kind of training, or would you rather they have had some formal training in the laws of the road here, and even possibly insurance? As for the schooling, I still believe, if they are already in our school systems, they should be able to go on to a higher education. But as I said before, that is my opinion, and I fault no one who thinks otherwise.

Marianne said...

Uhm maybe a tad sensitive on the word illegal sis , but the word "alien" is what what gets to me , i mean OK , although illegal , these people are still human , I don't believe any other country in the world refers to these humans as aliens , and i don't think they are walking around with 2 heads ..........well yeah ya get my drift ;) , *hugs*