Monday, May 11, 2009

Geske sentenced to 80 years

About freaking time! I wrote about this drunk driver who totaled a car beyond recognition and killed two area teenagers, while driving in excess of 80 mph. I am glad to see justice is finally being served. The families of those kids (young adults) will never get them back, but at least this is one person who won't be killing anyone else.

The whole sentence can be found here.


Galaxy Echo said...

Drunk drivers piss me off...and it's pretty sad that in this great state of Wisconsin, it takes like what, 3 strikes until you're out?

I couldn't even imagine what the parents were/are going lose a child who is just entering the "beginning" of their lives...beginning as in, entering independence.

All the things that could have been, that won't now. And why? Because one selfish person with poor judgment decided to get behind the wheel. I really hate that... It burns me up... I mean, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE! What is wrong with people? Don't they know how drunk they are?

Anyways, kudos to the jury on this one.

Bob G. said...

We've got a white-trash, 3-time DUI felon loser STILL driving around on OUR street...

The judicial system really MUST be "blind", as in they can't see what the hell they're allowing BACK on the darn streets.

Good for the jury (also).

About time some JUSTICE was served up.