Tuesday, May 19, 2009

highway robbery

We were going to have bbqed ribs this evening. Son had them cooking, so when I got home all I had to do was sauce them and make the side dishes. Welllllll guess what? We were out of bbq sauce :| So my daughter heads off to the gas station to pick up a couple bottles for me. It's only 2 items how bad can it be? Besides it's only 1.5 miles to the gas station, but eight miles to the nearest grocery store. So she comes back and tells me how much they were. $4.69/bottle! For a stinking little bottle of bbq sauce. Dayemmmmmmm


none said...

They charge a lot for convenience.

USA_Admiral said...

Like Hammer said, Convenience costs big bucks.

Bob G. said...

If it breaks (or badly dents) the hip-national-bank...it AIN'T convenient, folks!

Always check the cupboard before ANY BBQ...like days in advance and clip those coupons!

BBQ sauce is like a gun...better to HAVE it and NOT NEED it, than NEED it and NOT HAVE it...LOL!

Diane said...

That's when you say NO sauce, and use spices for a rub! ya dont need sauce anyway ya northerner! neener neener!