Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oconto County Homicides

In the last week there has been a double homicide, and what at first appeared to be a fire related death, but is now being investigated as a homicide also, in Oconto County. Now to my copper friends out there, you all know I have nothing but the utmost respect for the law. But, in this case, I really hate to say it, the criminals picked the right county. Oconto County is notorious for being the place to literally get away with murder. It's been that way for years and years. One happened less then 3 miles from here years ago, and to this day, no one has ever been convicted for it. (although pretty much every one in the area knows who did it, without evidence it means nothing) Now I realize it's not a cake walk trying to find enough evidence to bring someone to trial, let alone get a conviction. And it's definitely not a job I would want to do. But if they don't ever arrest someone in either of these crimes, I will not be surprised.

The stories can be found here and here


Galaxy Echo said...

Yea it's scary to think this double homicide happened so close to home...yikes!!

Diane said...

wow! Last we had, the son killed his dad and mother, stuffed them into trash bags, and absconded with the baby - it made Nancy Grace and AMW too, and CNN. They were caught. Too bad the guys that did that one can't get 'got'. Maybe they'll get their just desserts one way or another.